IT Consultation

IT Planning, Execution and Maintenance for Small Businesses.

We offer our services exclusively to Small(Single Person) to Medium sized organizations with less to no bureaucracy, and free information flow.

  1. Requirement Analysis
  2. Understanding your business
  3. Suggesting right path for your enterprise or personal application deployment.
  4. Execution and Maintenance.

We don’t talk bullshit, after all we are what we do, speak and think.

On the project side we especially focus on Optimization of

  1. Cost – Help you choose the right infrastructure(Cloud or on-Premise)
  2. Performance – Understand the app and suggest caching, network tuning and server tuneup.
  3. Development and testing – Use DevTools, (Private Git, CI/CD, Dev Hosting etc)
  4. Recovery & Maintenance – Assist with the selection of right backup and recovery tool to lower time to recovery.


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