Remote Access FAQ

If you would like my assistance, here’s what I would need for server access.

In order to troubleshoot accurately and most efficiently, I would need SSH access to your server(s).

I understand there are risks involved in giving me direct access and some regulations or certifications will not allow for this. If SSH access is not possible, I will re-create your environment locally (your OS + software), and troubleshoot without access and will take more time**.

SSH Public Key

Please add my public key to your SSH server configuration.
Usually in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAiSPhRSKNyA4MKJgLc+U1rcCZtREie3MUXkwxOIek7svUocRD5sLLXUyNB59Ve5Pbz1U2AVNuKlZTgzf/z5IW7rT1zNfeqkyytvw8XHAJrr6NMFMOAJHS78Fnvy8DkP4TnZbokbuwVymUHRoymxbJxlNysRDBrKTYlJqY/7jWyQeVNfpn8h7HgB9PzrsXiV+uWXsTKtY+fqfDlN9RLsu80U71IlencOUdJwapsbD4uSGHLCF0r75j/7f+bzd3TZVkLsazjallt9v3ZKH3SBBEUsY7GZTQL9PqdFFSsrCisOLFJVcV7l0GQ84feX0xbNKxYs4P+bWRJUehaCWNnfcfCw== Navneet@Practo

Whitelist these IP addresses for Remote access.:
1. (ACT Fiber)
2. (Airtel Fiber)

Permissions on your server

I would most likely need root level permissions to troubleshoot and debug. If you grant me access via non-privileged account, please grant me sudo privileges.

If a password is required to use sudo, you can create a text-file in my home directory on your server with the password in it.